Semicolon Editing




“Ashley is a top professional in her field.”

“I have worked with Ashley Brossoie for many years in the medical editing field, and I highly recommend her without reservation. Her editorial skills include substantive editing and data verification of complex medical text, as well as copyediting and proofreading. She is conscientious, professional, well spoken, and a pleasure to work with. As Editorial Director at MedThink Communications, Ashley combined years of experience as a first-rate medical editor with excellent managerial skills. In addition to effectively managing day-to-day budget, scheduling, and workflow issues, Ashley was committed to building and maintaining a strong department of professional editors through excellent training and mentoring. In addition, she communicates clearly and confidently and partners effectively with others, making her an asset to any team. In short, Ashley’s thorough knowledge of the mechanics of medical editing and her ability to successfully juggle the myriad responsibilities of a manager, as well as her integrity and her commitment to maintaining the highest level of quality in her department, make Ashley a top professional in her field.” 

— Terri O’Quin, MA, ELS
Founder and Owner, Terri O’Quin Editorial Services, LLC
Former Editorial Manager, Sandler & Recht Communications
Industries: Pharmaceutical Advertising, Medical Education, and Medical Communications

"Bravo, Ashley!"

“Ashley is quiet in how she communicates but loud in what she produces. She has really filled a gap at Versado by bringing in-house her wealth of experience as a medical editor. She’s excellent at managing her time by ensuring she has the bandwidth before taking on project work and finding solutions and resources to make sure that projects are staffed as needed. And she has taken the initiative to develop Versado resources that were greatly needed and are already being put to use, such as the Editorial Style Guide and Permission Request Protocol. She keeps it all so simple, which means there’s no drama when projects and timelines get stressful. Bravo, Ashley!”

— Director, Versado Communications
Industry: Pharmaceutical training

“Ashley delivered.”

“I was under a tight timeline for our client and needed a complex pharmaceutical product website edited. And Ashley delivered, not only exceeding my expectations of quality and attention to detail, but delivering ahead of our deadline and below budget. She quickly came up to speed on the project requirements and included thoughtful comments/suggestions throughout the website review. This enabled me to deliver a superior final product to my client as she pointed out issues I had overlooked. Ashley is a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with her in the future.”

— Maggie Tomei
Account Director, Epic Brand Group
Industry: Biopharma Advertising

“I have the utmost trust in Ashley.”

“Ashley is an extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and detail-oriented medical editor. Ashley was my editor on many types of projects and I was always impressed with her skills and attention to details; she was an integral part of our team. When I first started working with Ashley, I was a new medical writer and Ashley was extremely helpful as I learned AMA and client styles. This was extremely important to maximizing the efficiency of the projects we worked on together. I have the utmost trust in Ashley when I hand over my work to her and highly recommend her as a medical editor.”

— Patty Zipfel, PhD CMPP
Scientific Director, MedThink Communications
Industry: Medical Communications

“I would love the opportunity to work with Ashley again.”

“Ashley’s knowledge, experience, dedication and integrity are just a few of the qualities she brings to the table. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Ashley at MedThink and she was instrumental in helping me learn about advertising and the essential part that editing plays in every facet of the work. In addition to the client work, Ashley reviewed all documents for me to ensure compliance in the company branding. I would love the opportunity to work with Ashley again.”

— Kelly Hutchinson
Director of Human Resources, MedThink Communications
Industries: Pharmaceutical Advertising, Medical Education